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Meet Dr. Amanda Goodson, Co-Founder of TLC Program

Take action with strategies to secure your career for tomorrow's every-changing industry.   Hone in your leadership, technical writing and communication skills.  Learn from our most game-changing group of industry experts.

As women in STEM, we have been in the trenches with you.....

We know how it feels to be the only one in the room;  or contribute in meetings only to be ignored but when your male co-worker states your same idea, he gets all the credit.


Are you frustrated because you worked hard to get your education and your career only to be asked "if you are in the right meeting?"


The reality is you spend so much time trying to prove you belong there and less time working on the skills that you need to perfect, such as leading teams, having executive presence, having confidence and going after certain leadership roles that you end up FEELING FRUSTRATED and UNDERVALUED.



TLC: Teams, Leaders and Change is the Program to Champion the Shift for Women in STEM to Advance their Careers

TLC is a program that will be a catalyst for women in technical careers.  The goal is for women to feel supported in such a way that will impact and change the way they see themselves moving forward.


We believe it is time for women to not just stand up, but to stand out and be heard.  It is imperative for women to look at what they can do as opposed to what they have been told they can do and then take their place to do mighty things as professionals. 


TLC mission is to do the following:

  • Develop Best Practices

    One objective for TLC is to provide solutions for women to get better jobs and achieve better placement in STEM in desired areas.

  • Create Opportunities

    The second objective is to provide strategies where senior women leaders in the community can come and share ideas and wisdom through mentorship, advocacy and coaching  

  • Transfer of Knowledge

    The third objective is to learn how to facilitate a transfer of knowledge and skills development to help young women be competent and confident. 

In the TLC Program, you will receive:

  • Online TLC course with videos and interactive sessions

  • Private members only group for students with Q&A and coaching time 

You will also receive Teams, Leaders and Change(TLC) book.

This book simplistically and systematically presents practical, progressive insights to ensure success.

Excerpt from the book " Many of you were influencers starting at a very young age, you didn't realize those leadership tendencies were already developing  within you. Perhaps it was as a child when you influenced other children on which games to play, or maybe it was in middle or high school when you developed tendencies others wanted to emulate or follow.  Whatever it was, the ability to influence and lead others was there, and it still is today."



What our Clients Say

My life was totally changed by going through the process established by Dr. Goodson and now implemented as a part of the TLC Program. As a woman professional, I have gotten four (4) promotions, better reviews, and now have a team of professionals from across the United States that work for me. 

J. Harmon

Goodson, Scott, and Rice empowered me with their wisdom, experience as women in STEM, and expertise relative to being “that woman” who has a seat at the table. I got the promotion, and I am the first woman and first minority to hold that position in my organization.

Yolanda from Ohio

Here's What You'll Get

Lesson 1

Identify Your Style, explout your strengths and recognize your differences to manage them well

Lesson 2

Acquire Cultural Awareness and clarity to become more effective as a technical professional

Lesson 3

Communicate and Connect early and often by speaking up and speaking our in professional meetings and using technical writing to create excellence and advance your career

Lesson 4

Strive to Be Great

Lesson 5

Use Strategic Planning, which is foundational and critical to map your future

Lesson 7

In the TLC Program, you will receive:

  • Online TLC course with videos and interactive sessions

  • Private members only group for students with Q&A and coaching time 

  • TLC:Teams, Leaders and Change Book

Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Amanda Goodson

CEO We Tech Rocks

Dr. Yvette Rice


Dr. Yvette Rice is a results-oriented Executive with Front End
of the Business acumen and demonstrated success in
developing and executing technical communications strategies
that maximize team effectiveness, develop talent, and drive
lasting cultural change.

Odetta Scott


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